We have been focusing on the unique terroir of the Four Winds Vineyard, which sits just west of McMinnville in the coast range, as well as two sites in the Dundee Hills. In 2020 we designed our new caps and labels in addition to taking over the farming of Four Winds. With this new chapter and positive change, we decided it was time to explore new terroir in the Willamette Valley and find a new vineyard to do this through.

We set our sights on Eola-Amity, to discover what the buzz has been about. We explored finished wines from the region (which required the burden of opening quite a few bottles) and we explored the soils – visiting a number of potential sites to purchase fruit from. While we intended on finding an eastern Eola vineyard – our hearts ended up landing on one in the west (on Crowley Rd, no less!). Previously called Sojourner, this vineyard charmed us with its rocky slopes and kind owner, Denny Peseau.

Sojeau vineyard sits at 650 feet elevation at the southwest end of the Eola-Amity AVA. The site, previously a cherry orchard, was purchased by Denny and T in 2007. They planted 15 Acres of Pinot Noir vines – Pommard, Dijon and Wadenswil. The extremely rocky soils slope steeply to the southwest, and are a combination of Nekia, Ritner and Witzel.

Each afternoon the Van Duzer corridor winds sweep through Sojeau, creating a cooling effect through the various micro-climates across the site. The vineyard planted here cannot be classified simply as a “cool” or “warm” site, as Sojeau’s climate is incredibly dynamic. We purchased our first fruit from Denny in the 2021 vintage, and the wine (currently in barrel) is already expressing this unique vineyard beautifully.

Keep an eye out for the first release of our Sojeau Pinot Noir in 2023.