As we roll out each of our new releases, the significance of the 2019 vintage continues to grow. The upcoming release of our sublime La Colina Pinot Noir will soon be followed by the intriguing Entre Nous. This year has held a consistent momentum with our Willamette Valley wines and Four Winds moving briskly through the market, and we look forward to the moment when the entire 2019 vintage is at play. The market has responded favorably to these wines –  and there seems to be a higher calling going on. 2019 is a vintage that sat quietly while we repeatedly endured strange, novel moments one after another. Now it has finally arrived in our glasses and consciousness as proof of the potential for stability and grace, both in the wine and in our lives. Not only are these wines fabulous on a physical level, holding perfect balance and maturity, but they offer relief. While worldly chaos has seemed a constant backdrop and Oregon experienced its own well documented 2020 smokey vintage meltdown, these wines have felt like a silver lining.The past couple years have taught us that it is wise to embrace change. So, we have opted to stay progressive and are determined to create our own steam as the languishing phenomenon has been all too real in so many areas of daily life. We’ve taken the opportunity to pair these wines with our exciting packaging updates and we have had a blast introducing and creating a moment for each wine. The 2019s are keeping our spirits up and powering us through change, and in some cases will cover the responsibilities of 2 vintages depending on the extent of 2020s lingering damage. It’s a lot to ask of wine…above and beyond the standard reasons we enjoy wine. But 2019 is working overtime and for that we are grateful and inspired.

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